we are taught appeareances, are not important and yet the world moves around them, we are taught we are all the same, and yet, everybody see the differences in everybody else. Religions talk about brotherhood ,yet , they kill each other on their names. Inconsistency world with inconsitent wordings, thus inconsistent results. Ancient greeks worchip beauty, body , soul, intelligence, and knowledge, and they became powerful. But then they were dragged by the rules of overpopulation, and the  loss of their ideals. Got mixed and entanggled, with others that didnt value their wisdom. Such in modern times, we are all independent cells, and self contained units, trying to belong, trying to be part of something, whatever that is, positvely or negatively. The need for humans to belong, and avoid loneliness, force many to accept conditions, ways and forms that are not necessarily in accordance with thier intitial beliefs, thoughts or feelings, but yet , the fear of loneliness high to pay for many, and so these few, settle for unknown conditions, walking paths they were not reeady to walk. in search of acceptance. OUR vehicles through this journey, our bodies are, some worship them in excess, some forget and leave them in discontent. None are right, but , yet is true, these vehicles will drive us safe or not, to our destination whatever that may be. Amazingly enough ,those looks, that dont matter became an important cue, that will either make or brake a given subject, in the search of the group he is trying to belong. AND this looks will determine what type of ssociety or membeers or humans will be surrouding him/her in a given mometn of his/her life.
 genetically humans fear the loneliness, because of their nature, we are only preys, and the group force gives security, eventhough may be false or momentary only. What type of prices does our looks makes us pay in society, what type of rewards those my body gives me/he /her in society? what type of punsihments?. how will i pay with the development of my personality, if my vehicle(body) does not appear in accordance with the accepted parameters of society. or nature itself as well.. Does being to fat or to skinny, to black or to white, has any effect in humans life?. Is it that our human survival genes do not accept over/under weight because those represent a sign of lack of health?, so how mistaken are society parameters then,if based in ancient standard as well, and even more so, if nature itself suggest to keep the same standards of heath and fitness oon our vehicles. Wher does sensibilities of those not accomplishing thes standards start being affected, on their core, and on their external behavior towards others’?. AS a conclusion , we should evalutate the possibility of accepting that looks of healthy good looking humans may just be a reflection of nature standards of healthybeings, as candidates to matching and promoting the initial genetic order of reproduction of the species. At the end is maybe, just a choice, that humans locked in a society do, as for how to take care of these vehicles, and maybe tthats why some work to hard to belong or match as couples, simly bec ause the majority recognizes unhealthy symptoms not likely to be good for reproductory purposes. These statements can only be true and understood under the optic of strict genetic and natural evolution, because under human rights optic, this statements would be consider outrageous, even though undeer the surface, most people deal with it on their daily lives.


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