if we were forced to see life through color shades, our eyes would not recognice the new color, but over time,we will get adapted to it, and so, pretend it is the way the world look. SO if the shades we were given , makes us look things black, after some time, we will believe, our world is black, and differente people may have different colours shades, so they will not understand how can you see things in such a color if they are their color, some will see it blue, some pink, some yellow, and they will try to convince you, but you are not prepared to understand the difference in colors, you have adapted so well to your color for so long that you can not accept anything different, and if you were taken your glasses, youll be so afraid of all the lights and colors you would see, that you may put your old shades on again , just to feel safe once more.
you may even get upset at whoever pretends to tell you different from what you see.
and if you have the power, you will try to turn others by the force to see things as you want or can, ND THEN YOU WILL BECOME a Dicatator, like there are many in the world.
so the first thing we should learn is that the way we see things may be totally different from the way others see it, but if we take our shades off, for once, or for ever, we will have the same vision of the world thus eliminating envies, and fears, which cause all the wars and killing in the world.
just by remembering that we have the power, to take off our shades at our own will, we can control the result s of some of our actions. In theory we all have the same capacity of watching the colors of the world, but we feel so safe behind our colorshades, that, we dont care about taking them off. the iluminated humans, have taken their shades off, and have seen the color of the universe, with all its colors, with their open mind, with their open senses.
BUt in the mean time, we are prissoners of our shade ´s colors, and slaves of what we think we know, that may not be what we need to know.


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