everything that you think is gonna happen will happen, sooner or later, is amazing, no matter if it is positive or negarive to yourself, it will, indeed, happen.
ive experienced situations where i have been damaged by my own thoughts, and it is like adictive. Sound stupid i know, but is like playing in a poker table, you win, you loose, if you are losing, you wait until you win, eventhoug you keep loosing, and if you are winning, you stay, because you wanna win more, until, ultimately, you loose, and everything starts again.
normally it takes about three months, i have measured this, most of the times. by the time it happens, you have forgotten you thought about it, so your first reaction is, WHY ME?.
funny, when you analize it. You created it months ago. your memory is not as good as the universe. EVERYTHING that you think will happen, is proven, i proved it. I experienced it. am experiencing it. Now i keep track of all my thoughts, because am afraid of the consecuences, eventhough, i cant don nothing about it, ones i have thought.
ones the thought is produced, is pretty much it, it becomes like line of powder, which you have just light. the flame advances rapidly on the path it finds, until it becomes fire. and then , theres nothing you can do. THATS why you have to focus strongly on every single thought you create, cause it WILL COME BACK. AAAMAAAZING. is so hard to believeee, am so overwhelmed by it, that i, myself, cant believe it completely yet. AM actually in a faith crisis, i see the proofs, i see the effects, but my stupid physical brain doesnt let me assimilate it. is to deep, to confusing.
is like trying to undestand all the laws of physics in a second, while you travel around a black, dark universe, you dont know anything about. why is it that we conspire against ourselves?, willingly. I have learned that every thought, never lies. NOW am afraid of thinking, because after three months i will see it happen, the trick is think it strongly and willingly, not, magicly, nor stupidly fancy. every day i learn more. but my own darkness covers my light. when am ready and willing i will succeed…


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