what to do when in the middle of a battle you forget the reason you are fighting for? what to do if you loose the very reason for which you took your weapons, in the first place. WHAT to do, when your body doesnt obey you, when you are loosing control, when your wishes dont come true, when your power seems to vanquish.

My interior being tells me i fell in a cave of deception, dark and cold, and when you find yourself there, you cant see the light, so you think you are buried alive so you see no way out, because you cant see where you are walking to. So you have to options, sit down and die, or walk and walk in the dark, until you find the light. How long, dont know.
I see around me, and nobody is there, doesnt surprise me cause i never let nobody follow me. i remember someone that left recently, but i guess am so use to the loneliness that i wont notice it soon.


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