the best way to be totally iin peace is to appreciate with honesty every manifestation of the EARTH, since the beginningof the day, when the orange color is painting the sky announcing the lord sun is about to arrive to this endo of the earth. If you are able to concentrate in details like that every day, you will start remembering that you are part of it, that you ancestors saw that same signal centuries ago, before and, even earlier, its been happening, think about it. Now you take it for granted, lide you deserve it, but is only your ego controling you, as his slave, his chains all around you, folding your eyes so that you can only work and work on your human self. But think about it, get out of it, brake tha chains, look down, up, to the side, what you see?, life, life everywhere, some places there is more, in some others, unfortunately, is fading. But it still there, see the famous greeeny plant coming up in the middle of cement blocks in a super speed high way or outside your home, never ending attempts to stay green, no matter what or where. If you can not feel respect for that little plant growing in this gray deadly environment, theres something wrong with you.
GO DOWN, look at it closely, see it deeply, how, in earth is this possibly, what kind of mighty will allows this little plant to survive in the middle of an agressive environment, where human chop her off, because she is not beautiful or gray!, doesnt match with the city looks, ironic ah?.
chopped off! and borned again, chopped off, and borned again, and when we are gone, she still be there. IF you dont see the power on this, theres something wrong with you. Now look the perfection of that little ant, you just smashed with the tip of your finger, just because your father before you did it too, and his father before him as well. WHY? have you ever asked youself why did i just smashed an ant, why? THINK, THINK. For only one second, only one, imagine you are the ant, and imagine watching this inmense hugh, astronomic, human finger coming at you, with nowhere to scape, not knowing why you are being attack,!  you are just looking for food!, so here you are now, about to be smashed by a big human finger or shoe, whatever. CAN you imagine your body exploting seeing your nimbs, blow away, and your insides come out, because that is the last thing you will see as an smashed ant, solowly, painfully, and then all is black, why???
Isnt it easier to admire this super powerful beings, that if where our size will be able to run 100 miles an hour and carry a house on his back! but no, am to busy working, lets smash that ant. BUT that will affect the whole universe balance, wether you believe or not, no matter if you refuse to accept it, it will, one little ant less, no big deal. BUT HER mass will be missing in the universe, his place will not be taken by another one, will always be empty, HER ENERGY, will just wander in circles, causing an unbalance in the way things are arrange, his drastic death, with no benefit to the earth, will be felt around the globe, will be inprinted in genes of the next generation and will be remembered by the EARTH.
the same is with this little animal i saw today being ran over on purpose by a bunch of kids playing with his dad´s car, laughing while they destroy with the tires of the vehicle the spine of the tlacuache, helpless, scared, not knowing why he was being killed, his senses never told him about the danger, there were no predators here, he was not suppose to dye. BUt this stupid kids thought it would be fun to ran over him, really dont know why. Now is lying inthe floor begutted. And not only he didnt received the honors for his death, but he received laugher and jokes. How insignificant life is nowin the human world. afterall, we are all here just to live, thats our mission, live. WE can not interfere with other creatures right to live, because they are grateful to be here, and they are happy to breath, they really are, as well as i am, and maybe as you are. IM grateful that am not alone with humans in this planet, am grateful i get to see other buddies around, the little bird outside my window, showing off happily to cactch a bride, the small bee, being fooled by may window, trying to get back to her garden, the group of ants coming in below my door, looking for food. AM GRATEFUL to have em in my house, and they are welcome. AS well as the gecos at night, that looking for dinner visit me. thank you for coming. thank you for not letting me be alone, thanks to the fly that annoys me, but cleans th Earth by letting her pups eat anything thats not used, by transforming it, thats what mother EARTH told her to do, and she obeys.
AM GRATEFUL for the rain, that got me soaking last night, for the cat than ran away from me, because of what i represent, destruction…because even if in may heart am wood, water, and sun, my looks are of a human, an image that has been transmitted as DANGER, generation by generation on al this buddies of mine, their genes had been loaded with information about me, human, killer, with no sense, destroyer with no cause. AM sad, it brakes my heart  to be rejected by them, its hard to be somewhere where there is a lot of little animals, and they all run away, like if the stinky would have arrived, its so sad, all i want is to be accepted by them, i really love em, but i look human, am not to be trusted. But thank u anyway for being here, "i respect you for fearing me, my ancestors have not been good with you".
IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO READ THIS, BE RESPECTFUL OF ALL KIND OF LIVES, dont let nobody tell you that there are certain animals, bugs, whatever you want to call them, that need to be killed, NOONE, DESERVES TO BE KILLED BY U,  THAT STILL MAKE U A MURDERER, NO MATTER WHAT, YOU TAKE A LIFE, YOU ARE A MURDERER, THAT DEFINITION IS NOT ONLY FOR HUMANS, EH!?
YOU KILL, you kill, is the same….instead, be grateful, look at them with respect, admire them they can do things you cant even imagine, get to know them they are your planet partners. YOU ARE NOT VERY FAR FROM THEM,
HAVE YOU EVER NOTICE…. you have a heart, and all of them have aheart, you have lungs, they have lungs, you have kidneys they have kidneys, you have two eyes, they have two eyes, you have a mouth , they have a mouth, you have teeth, they have teeth, you have ears, they have ears, you have nose, they have nose, should i go on? we are brothers of all animals, and cousins of all insects.
 they see as you see, they smell as you smell they breath, the air you breath…….they feel the way you feel, they want waht you want, they cherish what you cherish. THEY APPRECIATE TENDERNESS, THE SAME WAY YOU APPRECIATE TENDERNESS, thye look for confort, the same way you do.  THEY HAVE THE SAME RIGHT YOU HAVE. THE ONLY THING THEY WERE NOT GIVEN WAS A VOICE!,  


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