WHile I write this, many of  my planet companions, are being eliminated from the EARTH. In the name of several empty beliefs, that some smart manipulators have ingrained in the masses brainss. RELIGIONS, gods, profets, all excuses to control. Those who believe theres no human god, raise your voice, come together, face the lies of centuries of decadence and destruction. Get back to the truth, and antient beliefs, the ones that our ancestros had, the real ones, no human gods, no human shaped profets, thats just stupid and ironic. The true god if you want to look for one, is the one that really affects your daily life, the one that if you take care of, will nourish you, and protect you back, the one that do not need prayers or gifts, nor sacrifices but care, thats all,… care.  The real god is the planet, EARTH, she can really wipe us out whenever she wants, she can really destroy anything, as well as she had created everything


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